Victoria Under Stage 3 Restrictions Again After Cases Spike

Victoria marks it's 'Horror Day' after recording 429 cases on Monday along with 13 confirmed deaths leading the national toll to 221. Victoria Police issued around $250,000 worth of fines in the 24 hrs to 2nd August, morning. Healthcare professionals have given a warning that the death toll can rise even if we can contain the virus in the state. The situation has eventually led Premier Daniel Andrews to announce the state to return to implementing stage 3 restrictions. He also added, "anyone who stops and doesn't have a lawful reason will get fined" and "The curfew is there for a reason – to protect all of us. You just can't be going out at 9pm at night to a mate's place and say, 'No-one will know'. You will get caught.". Heavy fines will be laid off for people not following the rules and regulations associated with the stage 3 guidelines


Here's the update on the restrictions: Who will be allowed to step out?

Regional Victorians will only be allowed to step out for shopping for food and essential goods/services, exercising(You cannot travel to metropolitan Melbourne for exercise or recreation), to provide care or seek medical treatment and for work and study from 11:59pm, 4th August, Tuesday onwards. Safety Face masks/coverings still remain mandatory whenever you step out of the house for the above mentioned reasons. No travelling is allowed through regional Victoria unless you are stepping out for the reasons mentioned above.


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Other crucial updates regarding what will remain 'Open' and 'Closed':


- Schools will return to remote and flexible learning from 11:59pm Tuesday onwards. Early childhood services will continue to operate but with appropriate risk-mitigation measures in mind.

- Restaurants and cafes can only offer delivery and takeaway services

- Beauty and personal services will have to shut doors but hairdressers can remain open

- Entertainment and culture venues will need to close

- Community sport, play centers, playgrounds, and swimming pools will stay shut

- Indoor sport and recreation will need to stop

- Exercises or activities like golf, boating, tennis, & surfing are allowed with one other person keeping social distancing in mind while outdoor sports facilities will also remain close except for facilities that can adhere to its public gathering and physical distancing limits while keeping in mind that no sharing of equipment is allowed.

- People can attend a wedding or funeral (Only 10 people are allowed to attend a funeral along with those conducting it) while a wedding can have up to 5 people.

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