Tips to Shift from ‘Stay Home’ to ‘Stay Safe’ Amidst Easing Lockdown Restrictions in Australia

While the global count of pandemic COVID19 has crossed over 5 million marks, Australia has set its foot on the road to recovery. For the past two weeks, there has been controlled emergence of new cases, which has been credited to the high rate of testing, social distancing, and adoption of protective gear like face masks in public. In fact, Melbourne has made wearing a 'Face Mask' or face covering mandatory. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has planned a three-phase plan for executing lockdown relaxations and advised to observe a gap of a cubit in practising social distancing. There has been n surge in a query about what is permitted and what’s not. Hence, we have prepared a list of activities permitted in the second phase of lifting lockdown restrictions.


They are cumulative from the states of Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory, and Australian Capital Territory.


Home Visits with an outdoor gathering of 10, an indoor gathering of 20,  Skate parks, playgrounds, and schools from May 25

-         Outdoor sports activities with 10 people limit

-         Overnight stays in hotels and motels, swimming pools with prior bookings

-         Pubs, Bars and Restaurants with 20 patrons gathering from June 1

-         The religious ceremony including 10 people.

-         Public parks, outdoor gyms, recreation centres indulging 10 people at a time

-         Funerals with 20 people indoors, 30 people outdoors

-         Non-Contact Community sport of 10 people.

-         Work from home as much possible till the month of June


The easing relaxations bring the breeze of positivity and hope to rebuild the future of the country, where the focus has shifted from ‘stay at home’ to ‘stay safe’.  The emergence of new cases is ever low, but it’s highly advised to stay alert and protected. Here are the safety tips to facilitate a smooth transition during the relaxations:

-         Practice Social Distancing

This is a no brainer where the world has normalized antisocial behaviour of discrediting personal contact in greeting. It’s advised to avoid hugging, kissing or any kind of personal intimacy in public places. A minimum of 1.5-metre cubit has to be observed between individuals at any point in time, at any place.

-         Wear surgical, N95 masks while commuting

While we’re excited to take our dogs on long walks or excise in parks. It’s advised to wear surgical or N95 masks for maximum protection against the spread of coronavirus.

-         Invest in Hygiene Products

The focus of our world has shifted from spending to investing; where health and hygiene have become the primary concern in maintaining a lifestyle. It is advised to carry a hand sanitiser, wear protective gloves at work, and use of antibacterial face wipes to stay protected.

-         Build Immunity

The year 2020, has served as a year of realization, where we have been made aware of the significance of boosting body immunity.

-         Ask your near ones above 50 to stay quarantined

The virus is known to impact older generations severely, where more than half the 7118 cases have emerged in the age group>50.

-         Test in case of symptoms

Even the slightest of chest congestion, cough, or fever should be reported to medical authorities.


Stay Safe, the world waits for Australians.

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