New Restrictions For Victoria: 723 New Cases & 13th Deaths Confirmed

$Just when we thought things the second wave can be contained, Victoria records the highest number of new COVID-19 cases in a day on 30th July 2020 (723 Cases and 13 Deaths). The other figures and numbers include:

- 10 out of 13 deaths are connected to aged care in the private sector

- There are currently 5385 active cases in the state

- It's the 25th day which marks a triple-digit increase in cases

- Around 30 ADF teams are knocking doors of home with positive cases, around 798 homes have been visited till now

Disclaimer: Digits may defer has cases and testings will have a different figure each day.


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Premier Daniel Andrews announced wearing face masks/covering mandatory for Victorians including the ones in regional areas, from 3rd August 2020, Monday. They will be required to wear face masks whenever they step out of their homes.

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He also spoke about how the transmission of the virus is not taking place through cafes and restaurants but from "Household to household" further claiming how one can go to a pub but "you can't go to your mate's place.

He further explains how individuals let their guard down when it comes to friends and family, as "People are not necessarily keeping their distance in their family home."

Apart from that according to Andrews's last week tweet: "Of the 3,810 Victorians who tested positive for coronavirus over the past three weeks, almost 90% kept going about their business after they began to show symptoms,".


Other crucial updates regarding restrictions and reopening include:

- From 30th July 2020 Thursday midnight onwards, the local government areas of Colac-Otway, Greater Geelong, Surf Coast, Moorabool, Golden Plains, and the Borough of Queenscliffe, will not be allowed to visit people or have visitors at home.

- Masks will now be mandatory in areas where pubs and cafes are still open

- 6 local council areas surrounding Geelong will have new COVID-19 restrictions

- More than 80 schools across the state are forced to stay shut as a result of the spike in COVID-19 cases

- There is also a resurgence of cases in NSW, lead to the closing of borders between Victoria and NSW.

- Other European states are also alerting the people regarding the fears of encountering a spike in cases and second wave of the deadly virus

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