Tips To Keep Children Safe & Healthy Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak

As COVID-19 continues to spread across Australia, it’s taking a toll on each one of us leaving us in a state of anxiety and confusion about what lies ahead of us. Nothing’s more critical than taking precautions to stay safe from the outbreak at all times. It’s not just an individual’s responsibility to flatten the curve but a shared responsibility of the entire society to protect each other through ethical hygiene practices and social distancing. It’s worse for the two most vulnerable communities, the elderly and children. We need to protect them especially the children as it’s hard for them to disrupt from their normal routine that included going to school, daycare facilities, parks, etc. Parents and Guardians play a vital role here in protecting their little ones from the pandemic. Here are a few tips to go about the same:

1. Effective Communication About Cleanliness And Hygiene

Set an example for your children, practice good hygiene practices in front of them so they can follow your example easily. Train them about the basics of hand hygiene and respiratory etiquettes such as: 

  • Guide them to avoid touching their face especially nose, mouth, and eyes 
  • Make sure they cover their mouth and nose when they sneeze or cough
  • Ensure they have access to an alcohol-based hand sanitiser at all times
  • Teach them about the right techniques to wash hands with soap  & water or disinfect hands before eating, after touching commonly shared surfaces properly and before touching their face
  • Ensure that they wear full-sleeved apparel when stepping outside to reduce infection transmission through public surfaces

In case of toddlers, ensure that you clean surfaces, toys, light switches, phones, and other surfaces that your kid comes in contact with often to ensure that they stay safe from any potential infection. Use Antibacterial disinfectant wipes for the same.


2. Avoid Outings, Engage Them At Home

As preschool, day-care facilities, and schools remain closed, this is the best time to give them the attention and distract them away from social gatherings and stepping out. Engage them with indoor games, educational toys, and fun learning sessions so their studies aren’t hampered either. Utilize this time to help them cultivate new hobbies, build their immunity with nutritious food, and involve them in simple exercises to keep them healthy and strong.


3. Things To Do In Case Your Child Develops Covid-19 symptoms

If your child gets a fever or develops a cough or sore throat, immediately consult a doctor,  in case the kid was in contact with a Coronavirus patient then testing might be required. Keep an eye on other symptoms like heavy breathing, sleepiness, and difficulty in eating or drinking, as more medical assistance would be needed in such a case. Make sure as a caregiver, you protect yourself with a face covering or mask. Open a window or switch on an air filter to increase good airflow. Don’t allow any visitors inside your home, also keep a sick child's playing items separately from the rest of the toys. Ensure that the sick child’s clothing, towels, and bed sheets are washed properly with a strong detergent, all family members should maintain strict hand hygiene while taking care of the child. Lastly, follow every instruction given by the doctor with the utmost precaution and care.


4. Constant Checks 

Children can misunderstand instructions and get anxious about new circumstances, be a calm parent/guardian, and converse with them about the do’s and don’ts to ensure that they feel secure. Educate the teenagers about fake news so they can identify the real difference and respond to it wisely. Guide them about social distancing as it’s the need of the hours and Children might not take it well so train them wisely so they understand the importance of it. Lastly, we would still like to emphasize the importance of staying home and staying safe, practice it as much as possible to flatten the curve.


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