Avoid These 6 Mistakes You Could Be Making With Face Masks

Face masks have become the first layer of protection since the COVID-19 outbreak has spread worldwide. While some states have also made it mandatory to wear masks as it decreases an individual's exposure to this deadly virus. We understand that wearing a mask for a long duration isn't the easiest thing to do as it interferes with breathing and talking, eventually giving as a sweaty and itchy experience. But it's not about comfort in this situation, the objective is to prevent you from transmitting or catching COVID-19 as it primarily spreads through saliva droplets. We are well aware about how people who are asymptomatic can risk the lives of others around them before they actually experience any of the symptoms themselves. Hence, we have listed down the mistakes you might be making with face masks as it can endanger not just your health but other's health and safety too. Avoid the following mistakes because no face mask is effective if not used correctly:


 1. Covering Your Nose/Mouth Partially

You might have noticed that the majority of people make this mistake of partially covering their mouth or nose when wearing a mask. The purpose already gets defeated here as you can risk contamination by breathing in infectious particles. Germs and saliva droplets on its exterior of the mask can also rub against your nostrils leading to cross-contamination. Hence, when wearing a mask always make sure that your nose and mouth are entirely covered to prevent any potential risk of contamination.



2. Wearing A Face Mask With Dirty Hands

Wearing a clean protective face mask with dirty hands will defeat its purpose of protection at the beginning itself. Always remember to practice good hand hygiene either by washing your hands with a bar of soap for 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser before you put your mask on and when it's time to remove it. 



3. Wearing An "ill-fitted" mask

Face masks are only effective if it fits your face properly in a way that your nose and mouth should be covered fully and the elastic loops or ties are secured tightly behind your ears. Research says a mask with gaps around the edges can decrease its efficiency to prevent contamination by almost 50%



4. Touching Your Face Often When Wearing A Face Mask

We often tend to touch our face unconsciously throughout the day, while at times we end up fidgeting with the masks which can easily lead to contamination as germs can easily get transferred this way. Make a conscious effort to not touch your face whether with a mask on or off unless you just sanitised or washed your hands.



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5. Reusing Disposable Masks or Not Washing Dirty/Old Cloth Masks

Firstly, when it comes to disposable masks, make sure you get rid of them after one time use as there is a high risk of contamination if re-used again. Secondly, in case of a cloth face mask, ensure you wash it often at regular intervals, ideally after each use with a mild detergent to prevent yourself from any potential risk.



6. Depending On Masks As Your Only Protective Measure To Fight COVID-19

Only wearing a face mask is not enough to protect you from getting infected by Coronavirus. Several other measures need to be taken adapted to ensure your health and safety such as:

- Practice strict hand hygiene 

- Maintain social distancing at all costs

- Disinfect commonly touched surface/equipment before use

- Follow respiratory etiquettes

- Stay home, if unwell


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