Countries Race To Develop COVID-19 Vaccine: Here's The Status!

As the number of COVID-19 crosses 14 million cases and over 6 lakh deaths, the urgency to find a vaccine has also increased. Countries like Russia, Australia, India, China, US, and UK are rapidly working through fast-track processes in order to develop a vaccine against Coronavirus. About 130 vaccines already in the testing phase worldwide, 75 countries have submitted their interest to join the COVAX facility to save their population as soon as possible so they can have a guaranteed, quick and fair access to the vaccine. Here are a few updates regarding vaccine-development country-wise starting with Australia:


Queensland as "One of the most promising vaccine candidates on the planet" - Kate Jones, State Innovation Minister

Australian Health officials have started human trials of Coronavirus vaccine developed by the University of Queensland. Healthy adults have been chosen as volunteers who have successfully received their first dose at a clinic in Brisbane. About 120 volunteers are involved in the Phase 1 trial, two doses of vaccines will be in injected in each one of them every four weeks. They will regularly be monitored for a period of 12 months to analyze the response to the vaccine. All volunteers will be practicing strict hygiene guidelines and also maintain social distancing at all costs. The preliminary results are expected to be disclosed by the end of September

Moving on, other countries like India, Russia, China, UK, and US are not behind either, here are a few updates about their status regarding vaccine-development:


1. The Moscow State Medical University of Russia has successfully claimed that they have accomplished in completing the clinical trials for the vaccine. These trials commenced from June 18, the first set of volunteers were discharged by 15th July followed by the second batch who will be released on July 20th.  Researchers are testing two types of adenovirus vectors to ensure that pre-existing immunity doesn't reduce the vaccine's effectiveness. According to the Bloomberg report, Phase 3 trials in Russia will begin from 3rd August. While on the other hand, Russia has also faced allegations made by the US, Britain, and Canada about his country's intelligence services stealing critical information about the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine.

2.  China's company, Sinovac Biotech has rapidly processed vaccine development making it one of the first ones to reach the third stage of human trials. 15,000 volunteers in Abu Dhabi received their first dose and each one of them was given the vaccine twice within a period of 28 days.

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3. The process of vaccine development in the UK is being headed by Oxford University that has reached the second stage of human trials and Imperial College that has reached its third stage. Stage 3 'Human Trials' are expected to commence in November

4. As India becomes the third-worst affected country by COVID-19, 7 pharma companies have been rapidly working on developing a vaccine against this deadly virus. The companies include Mynvax, Serum Institute, Bharat Biotech, Zydus Cadila, Panacea Biotech, Biological E, and Indian Immunologicals.

5. While in the US, Moderna, a Biotech firm is planning to commence its final stage of human trials at 87 places by July 27. The funding of the same will be taken care of by the US government.

These countries are doing best to rapid the process of vaccine development so the curve can be flattened easily worldwide till then let's focus on following strict personal hygiene. Click here to equip yourself with essential hygiene products such as  Disposable Face masks, Medical Masks, KN95 MasksHand Sanitiser, Vinyl Gloves, Face Shields, and more.


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