Wearing face masks becomes 'Mandatory' in Melbourne After COVID-19 Cases Spike

After witnessing a triple-digit spike of COVID-19 cases in Melbourne, Premier Daniel Andrews has made wearing face masks/covering mandatory for anyone stepping out of their home from 22 July, Wednesday - 11:59 pm onwards. He has also urged Victorians to adapt to this 'New Normal' for at least "the next four and a bit weeks" to contain the second-wave of Coronavirus outbreak and slow down community transmission. Here are a few things you should know about the rule:


1. Non-compliance with this rule will lead to a $200 fine.

2. Children under 12 and individuals with a medical reason can be excused from following the rule

3. Individuals involved in hobbies like running are also exempt from wearing a mask

4. Teachers will not have to wear face masks while teaching but students have to.

5. In case you do not live in an area where there is community transmission then you don't have to wear a mask as advised by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee

6. People are not required to wear a mask when visiting a bank.

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All in all, wear a mask whenever you feel you're in a situation where maintaining social distancing is difficult. NSW has also recommended wearing masks for a similar reason.

In case your planning to use cloth masks, experts have advised to use the ones with a minimum of 2-3 layers while warning against using a scarf or bandana as it doesn't offer an equal amount of protection in comparison to adjustable face masks.

Daniel Andrews also emphasised on the fact that how this rule should be guided 'common sense' and become a part of our routine until they develop a vaccine. The health department of Australia also agrees that it is an 'important protective measure' especially for individuals in their older age or suffering from chronic illness


However, we need to keep it mind face masks or face coverings alone cannot stop the spread of coronavirus, we still need to keep in mind respiratory etiquette's, social distancing rules, and maintain strict hand hygiene and personal hygiene.

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