5 Essentials Every Aged Care Facility Must Equip Themselves With To Stay COVID-Safe

We all have learned by now that the pandemic is here to stay for long, everybody is at risk of contracting Coronavirus as no vaccination is available to prevent us from the same. Just when we thought the curve was going down, cases spiked up in Victoria in double-digits leading to an extended state of emergency. The Australian Government has announced that all residential aged care facilities need to take strict precautions in all situations to keep residents safe from Coronavirus. Both the individuals and management need to take responsibility for the health and safety of the visitors and staff. All Aged Care Facilities need to ensure that they are equipped with the right safety gear and hygiene products to keep their visitors and staff COVID-safe at all times. Here are the 5 Essentials Hygiene Products, every aged care facility needs to have to ensure standard protection against the virus:

1. Alcohol-based Hand Sanitisers - Hand hygiene remains a MUST, it’s the most effective method to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Alcohol-based Hand Sanitisers should be made available to every resident, visitor, and staff member at all times. Every resident should be encouraged to sanitise their hands before eating and after using the washroom while the staff members should perform hand hygiene after touching a resident, post a cleaning procedure, after touching a resident or his/her surroundings in case of personal care. 



2. Antibacterial Disinfectant Wipes - The staff and residents should always have access to Disinfectant Wipes so every individual in the facility can maintain personal hygiene when coming in contact with with a commonly touched surface or equipment. These wipes can effectively kill germs and prevent the spread of bacteria. They are ideal for quick clean-ups and are tough on dirt and germs. Stock them up today!


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3. Vinyl & Nitrile Gloves - When taking care of the most vulnerable community - old age people, it’s essential to maintain safety at all costs. Staff should be well equipped with either Vinyl or Nitrile Gloves when taking care of a resident, routine cleaning and managing spills, disposal of medical devices, and food preparation purposes. These gloves allow users to retain sensitivity through food preparation and hygiene tasks



4. 3 Ply Disposable Masks - Another essential item would be protective face masks, as COVID-19 spreads through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Every visitor should be advised to wear masks to prevent any potential outbreak of the virus. Residents should also be given surgical masks if they leave the room in case of medical care. Strict infection prevention practices should be implemented for residents returning from treatment or care at other facilities.



5. PPE Kits Or Disposable Type 3/4/5 Micro Porous Coveralls - Additional precautions must be taken in case of a suspected or confirmed case of Coronavirus. The staff should always have access to PPE kits or Disposable Microporous Coveralls to ensure safety as a measure of transmission-based precaution in case of an outbreak.


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