5 Moments For Hand Hygiene To Protect Patients, Healthcare Workers & Their Environment

The Covid-19 outbreak is surely not predictable, where one nation is recovering another is facing the second wave. It's essential to keep in mind all kinds of preventive measures to flatten the curve and ensure the health and safety of every individual. Hand Hygiene plays a very crucial role in doing so, hand decontamination can significantly help in reducing the spread of transmission. Hence, the World Health Organization came up with a "5 Moments for Hand Hygiene' to minimise the transmission of harmful organisms in a health care setting to ensure the safety of patients, healthcare workers, and the environment. The idea to ensure that these five moments of hand hygiene are practiced right from entering a patient's room to leaving it. The approach is logical, evidence-based, and easy to grasp.

Here are the " 5 Moments Of Hand Hygiene" that should be performed by every healthcare worker:

5 moments for hand hygiene australia

1. Before touching a patient (Moment 1)

When: Sanitise or wash your hands before touching a patient when entering their zone.

When: To protect the patient against harmful germs carries in the hands of the Healthcare worker


2. Before a procedure (Moment 2)

When: Clean your hand immediately before performing a clean/aseptic procedure on a patient, don't touch anything in the patient's environment prior to the procedure.

Why: In order to protect the patient from harmful pathogens (Including your own) entering their body during a procedure.


3. After a procedure or body fluid exposure/risk (Moment 3)

When: Hand hygiene is a must immediately after a procedure or an exposure risk to body fluids and post gloves removal as your hands could be contaminated with body fluid.

Why: To protect yourself and the health-care environment from harmful potential pathogens


4. After touching a patient (Moment 4)

When: Clean your hands after touching a patient before leaving his/her side or zone.

Why: To protect yourself and the healthcare surrounds from being contaminated with harmful patient germs


5. After touching a patient's surroundings (Moment 5)

When: Practise hand hygiene after touching anything in the patient's immediate surroundings even if the patient has not been touched.

Why: It protects you and the healthcare surrounding from harmful microorganisms

5 moments for hand hygiene australia

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